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About Unsharpen

Unsharpen.com is a website about pens, pencils, paper, and all manner of related things. The site has reviews of every manner of stationery as well as a vast database of pens, pencils, paper, ink, refills, and accessories.

Unsharpen.com was launched in February 2019 and is based in New York, New York. The site is brought to you by the same team as the Unsharpen YouTube channel.

The site has access to a full catalog of pens and other items, which are used for testing and comparison purposes. These items have been accrued over the past 20+ years, long before the site was created, though they have been an critical part of our hands-on testing and product recommendation process.

Why “Unsharpen”?

As luck would have it, “Unsharpen.com” was a cool domain name we happened upon. It was (sort of) related to writing and literally has the word “pen” in it, so it seemed like a fit. It doesn’t mean anything past that, it’s just a cool, fun word.

Unsharpen can also be read as being the result of using a wooden pencil — you are, in a sense, unsharpening it. While this isn’t how the site got its name, it still works out quite well.

Why Read Unsharpen?

There is a lot of great information about office supplies online, but almost all of it comes from manufacturers and resellers. Unsharpen.com is an independent source of information with access to a portfolio of many pens and pencils, a library of review videos, thousands of hours of hands-on testing time… and more paper than anyone would be comfortable admitting.

Contact Us


You can contact us via email, but please note we receive more pen help/advice questions than we could possibly answer.

Unsharpen members receive priority support for their questions. So please support the site and we’ll do our best to support you!