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About Unsharpen

Unsharpen.com is a website about pens, pencils, paper, and all manner of related things. The site has reviews of all sorts of stationery good as well as a database of information about pens, pencils, paper, and accessories.

Unsharpen.com was launched in February 2019.

Who Made Unsharpen.com?

Unsharpen.com was made by Huguette Inc., primarily by Sal. Unsharpen came about as as result of the incredible fan base built up on Sal’s YouTube channel, which has a small but dedicated following. The quality and depth of the comments as well as the growing subscriber count made Unsharpen seem like a worthwhile venture.

Unsharpen.com is based in New York, in the United States.

Why “Unsharpen”?

As luck would have it, “Unsharpen.com” was a domain name in our (admittedly small) portfolio for years. It seems sort of related to writing and pens and literally has the word “pen” in it, so it seemed like a fit.

Why Read Unsharpen?

There is a lot of great information about pens, almost all of it comes from manufacturers and resellers. Unsharpen is an independent source of information with access to a portfolio of hundreds pen review videos, thousands of hours of hands-on testing time, and more pens than anyone would be comfortable to admit.

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