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The Best Gel Pens of July 2019

Pentel Energel

There are few writing experiences that are more satisfying than a good gel pen. The right gel pen is buttery smooth, has ink that really pops, and is a pleasure to write with on all sorts of different paper. Gel pens are truly one of the best and most versatile ways to write on almost all paper types.

Pentel Energel Infree

The Pentel Energel line is consistently a top pick with gel pen fans thanks to the smooth writing and quick drying times. The most popular pen in the line with true fans is the excellent Energel-X, which is cheap and easy to find. While it’s a fine pen, it’s been upgraded in the Energel Infree. The Infree is the same pen — complete with the gel ink and oversized button on the top — but it has a clear body, metal clip, and cool silver grip. The Infree also sold in limited edition colors which really showed off what Pentel can do with their gel technology.

But, don’t worry, if you can’t find the Infree the Energel-X is always available! If you want a metal, executive version of this pen then you want the Philography (aka Energel Style in the US).

Zebra Sarasa SE vs Sarasa Dry
Sarasa Dry and Sarasa SE

Zebra Sarasa Dry

The entire Sarasa line of gel pens is excellent, but the Sarasa Dry gel pen is the best of the bunch. It features a super-quick drying ink that is a great option for lefties, just like the Energel (but possibly better). Zebra claims the ink dries 85% faster than a traditional ink, and while that’s hard to verify there is no denying that this ink is top-notch.

The Sarasa Dry also has a great looking body, which styling that is cooler than the typical office pen. It also has the Sarasa’s spring-loaded clip, which is functional and fun to play with. The Sarasa Dry is sold in both a 0.4 mm and 0.5 mm sizes. There isn’t a huge difference between the two, but if you want quick dry times then you definitely want a smaller writing tip, not a full 0.7 mm or 1.0 mm.

The Sarasa Dry is a Japanese pen, but it’s sold as the Sarasa SE in the United States. The two have the same great ink, so you are covered there. The SE has an incredible sneaker grip which is super comfortable, but the overall styling of the pen isn’t quite as cool as the Dry’s.

Pilot Juice Up

Pilot used to be the king of the gel pens with its G2, but times have moved on and the G2 has stayed the same. Luckily Pilot has made advances as well, with the Juice, and then the Juice Up pens. The Juice Up is the way to go these days thanks to a super cool modern styling and a excellent gel ink. While the Juice is still a very good pen, and is available in more colors and sizes than this, the Juice Up remains the premium version and the better pen.

This pen has one of the better 0.4 mm refills sold today and it’s a needletip, so it’s great for journalling in smaller notebooks. There is a 0.3 mm as well and it’s a pretty good pen, but the 0.4 mm is the sweet spot for great writing with this exceptionally cool gel pen.

Before the Juice-Up Pilot had the Juice gel pen, which is a lower-end model. The Juice is a bit cheaper and has more color options, but we’d still recommend the Juice-Up.

  • Pilot Juice-Up – $9.99

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Pen

No list of gel pens would be complete without this classic. The Hi-Tec-C and the Hi-Tec-C Coleto are absolutely phenomenal gel pens with classic styling and great writing performance from 0.25 mm up to 0.5 mm. These pens are so standard and so loved that they may not seem special any more, but they remain must-owns for anyone interested in writing. The best of the line is the 0.4 mm Hi-Tec-C or the two-color Coleto ($3.13) in the classic clear body.

Best Broad Gel Pens

One of the appeals of gel pens is that they can get very broad (1.0 mm+) and very wet. If what you are looking for is the biggest, boldest coloring without spending a ton on a specialty fountain pen, then a broad gel pen is about as good as it gets. Of course, these pens get messy and you’ll have to choose your paper carefully, but they remain incredibly fun to use.

Here are the picks for the best broad gel pens:

Best Erasable Gel Pen

This one is an absolute no-brainer… The best erasable gel pen is the Pilot FriXion Ball Knock ($9.06). Pilot has engineered an excellent erasable gel ink that looks great, writes smoothly, and is fun to use. The only hesitation with this selection is that this pen might belong in the “Best Gel Pens” list not the “Best Erasable Gel Pens” one, but for the sake of accuracy it’ll remain here.

Energel Pro Permanent

Best Permanent Gel Pen

There aren’t a whole lot of options here, but the smart money is on the Pentel Energel Permanent Pro liquid gel pen. This pen writes like a Energel, has fast dry times, but also has a permanent, waterproof, fraud-proof, pigment based ink.