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Zebra Clickart Sign Pen

The Zebra Clickart is a sign pen, essentially a fine-tipped marker that was released in 2019.

The Clickart is a set of retractable fine-tipped markers with a felt-style tip. They strongly resemble a retractable version of the Pentel Sign Pen but have a slightly harder feel when writing with them.

The pens, having been released in 2019 not the 1960s like the Pentel, has a number of interesting features built in. First of all, they have a color indicator on the side that goes from black to red when the tip is extended. Next, they lack a clip (which makes sense for a marker) but do have a handy roll-stop built in.

The Clickart pens are refillable using Zebra’s plastic refills. Each refill is color-coded with letter and numbers combinations, like “ROR 29” for orange and “BGR 31” for slate blue.

The Clickart is typically sold in sets of 12 through 36 and while they are new they are becoming popular and more widely available.

Zebra Clickart Review

I bought a set of Clickart markers because they were new, seemed interesting, and I needed something for color-coordinating some journals. The Clickart seems as good a choice as any, despite being a bit expensive at about $1.25 per item.

I was intrigued by the 12-pack I bought, which featured “Calm Dark” colors including a great range of deeper blues, greens, a maroon, a deep orange, and more. It was exactly the sort of darker, more legible colors I needed. Other sets include “Bright Light” and a standard set of a rainbow of colors. There are 36 color in the full range currently.

They Clickart sign pens have held up very well, including for a multi-week period when my child ran off with them and used them for coloring books. I can tell the preferred colors as they are a more worn in and softer feeling (less raspy?) then the rest, but they still work great and have lots of color left in them.

I’ve been really happy with the design of these (I love the fact that they are retractable), how well they have lasted, and the grown-up colors they offer. Highly recommended.

Zebra Clickart Sign Pen Information

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