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Paper and Notebook Sizes Explained

Moleskine Notebook

Paper and notebook sizes are an unfortunately confusing thing. You just want some printer paper or a new notebook, and instead you are choosing between “A4” and “B5” and a slew of other unhelpful options. Maybe you are better off switching to numbers, like “8.5 by 11,” but we’ve all made the mistake of ordering legal paper when we meant to get normal copy paper.

This guide should help you sort out all your loose leaf paper and notebook size problems.

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Sailor Fountain Pen Buying Guide

Choosing a fountain pen isn’t always an easy task and a surplus of information can be almost as bad as a total lack of it. With that in mind, this guide is designed to help you choose the best Sailor fountain pen for you.

Sailor isn’t is common as Pilot and a few other competitors in the US, but they make some exceptional pens. This guide will help you decide the right Sailor fountain pen for you in 2021. It will focus on the most popular Sailor lines, with the assumption that if you are looking for something expensive or rare, you probably don’t need a buying guide!

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Platinum Fountain Pen Buying Guide For November 2021

Platinum 3776 Century

Platinum is one of Japan’s “Big Three” pen companies, but it doesn’t seem to get the same level of attention as the other two (Pilot and Sailor) here in the United States. Despite that, Platinum makes some of our favorite fountain pens.

If you are considering buying a Platinum fountain pen which should you lean towards? Which are sure-fire hits that no one can deny is a great pen?

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Seriously Underrated: Fisher Space Pen Cap-O-Matic

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I just had to learn that lesson the hard way. I’ve been carrying my brass Cap-O-Matic with me for a number of weeks while running around on my summer to-dos and a few days ago my pen went missing. Only once my trusty companion was gone did I realize how much I had been enjoying the pen.

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