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Paper and Notebook Sizes Explained

Moleskine Notebook

Paper and notebook sizes are an unfortunately confusing thing. You just want some printer paper or a new notebook, and instead you are choosing between “A4” and “B5” and a slew of other unhelpful options. Maybe you are better off switching to numbers, like “8.5 by 11,” but we’ve all made the mistake of ordering legal paper when we meant to get normal copy paper.

This guide should help you sort out all your loose leaf paper and notebook size problems.

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The Cheapest (Good) Fountain Pen Ink

Pelikan 4001 Ink

Fountain pen ink doesn’t have to be expensive. Today fountain pens might seem like a luxury good, but let’s not forget that not too long ago they were the standard writing tool used by millions upon millions of people worldwide. Those people weren’t using luxury inks with delicate undertones, they were using dependable, afford inks.

Well guess what? Those afford inks still exist.

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How To Ink Splatter Like a Pro

Some of the most interesting things happening with fountain pen ink don’t involve writing at all. Fountain pen ink and a nice paper can become the medium through which all sorts of cool art is created, one style of which is ink splatter.

So how do you make an ink splatter? Do you just pour ink onto paper… or is there more to creating those perfect little splatter droplets?

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What Is An Architect Nib?

Lamy Nib

Today, in 2020, it’s easy to forget that the fountain pen used to be the primary writing tool for most people. As a result, all sorts of specialized fountain pens were needed because people didn’t have computers (they didn’t even have ballpoint pens!) so they were using fountain pens for all their particular needs — mathematics, music, drafting, so so forth.

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The Best Black Fountain Pen Ink of 2020

Black fountain pen ink tests to be the workhorse ink of many people. Blues can be for work or fun, same with reds, while the purples and oranges are more expressive and usually saved for personal activities. Black ink, despite its huge varieties, tends to be an ink for getting stuff done.

So what’s the best black fountain pen ink for day-to-day use?

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