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Pierre Cardin Roller Gel Pen Refill

The Pierre Cardin Roller Gel is a Parker-style G2 pen refill that uses gel ink. Despite the name it is not a rollerball refill.

The refill uses a plastic body and a vibrant blue ink that makes it quite reminiscent of the Schneider Gelion 39 refill, which is one of the most popular — and best — G2 gel refills.

The refill is not easy to find in the United States and is easiest to find on Ebay.

Pierre Cardin Roller Gel Pen Refill Information

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Manufacturer Pierre Cardin
Pen Type Rollerball / Gel
Sizes 0.7 mm
Ink Colors Blue, Black
Max Body Width6.0
Acid-Free? No
Erasable? No
Pressurized? No
Archival? No
Fade Resistant? No
Fraud Prevention? No
Quick Drying?No
Water-resistant? Waterproof?No
Ink BaseWater-based
Refill Length (cm)9.8
Tip ShapeConical
Tip MaterialMetal
Refill StandardParker-style G2
Quantity Sold2
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