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Rotring 600 Ballpoint

Rotring 600 vs Rapid Pro

First released in 1989, the Rotring 600 is an icon family of writing tools. The most popular of the set seems to have been the ballpoint, which was available in a number of variations. The ballpoint was re-released in 2018 as the Rotring 600  ballpoint (click retractable) and the Rotring 800 ballpoint (twist retractable), though they were both known as the Rotring 600 when originally sold.

The Rotring 600 ballpoint was originally solid in the following variants:

  • Silver (click)
  • Black (click)
  • Silver with gold trim (twist)
  • Black with gold trim (twist)

True fans of the pen will also differentiate between the different generations of the original Rotring 600 models. With the ballpoint the largest differentiator within the original run of 600s is between the standard and Levenger models. The Levenger ones were made in Japan and are a clear predecessor to Levenger’s L-Tech line of pens.

The main feature you will hear about when investigating the Rotring 600 is the knurled grip. This is the case for a number of reasons, but primarily because Rotring followed up the 600 line with the Newton, which was more common and less desirable. The Newton look very much like the 600 but does not have the knurled grip.

The ballpoint version uses a Parker-style G2 refill. The body is made of coated brass.

Rotring 600 Ballpoint (2018 Model)

The Rotring 600 ballpoint pen was re-released in 2018. This version was a close copy of the original with a small number of differences that was notable mainly to collectors of the original pens.

The major difference was in naming: the gold trim Rotring 600 from the ’80s and ’90s are now known as the Rotring 800.

Rotring 600 vs Rapid Pro

Rotring’s Rapid Pro ballpoint is quite reminiscent of the 600. And prior to 2018, the Rapid Pro was the only way to get a new Rotring 600-style design, so it became quite a popular option.

While the two pens are very similar the Rapid Pro has plastic components and is a less durable pen then the 600. The main point of failure of the Rapid Pro is the plastic section where the lower and upper parts (the grip and the body) screw together. The component is brass on the Rotring 600.

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Rotring 600 Ballpoint Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Rotring
Pen Type Ballpoint
Barrel Color Silver, Black
Barrel Material Brass
Body Diameter (mm)9.0
Grip Color Silver, Black
Grip Material Brass
Grip Diameter (mm)8.2
Country of Origin Germany
MSRP $35
Still Sold Yes
Release Year1989
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?Retractable - Top Button
Length Capped / Retracted (cm)13.7
Weight (g)23.7
Ink Color ShippedBlack
Writing Sizes1.0 mm