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Wing Sung 3010 Fountain Pen

The Wing Sung 3010 is, for us at Unsharpen, the quintessential Chinese fountain pen. This pen is super affordable, easy to find, of average build quality, and an excellent writer.

The Wing Sung 3010 is a simple fountain pen with a sub-$2 price tag and some very nice featured. These include a modular, stainless steel nib, a converter that comes with the pen, demonstrator (clear) body colors, and a very functional wire-style metal clip. The pen is a very consistent writer that holds up nicely despite the low price. This is one of the most enjoyable, reliable, and consistent of all fountain pens below $10 — not quite at the reliability level of the Pilot Varsity, but it’s close and has a number of upgrades from that pen.

For these reasons, the Wing Sung 3010 is one of the best Chinese fountain pens sold today and one of our most-used budget fountain pens.

The 3010 is a lightweight, medium-sized pen that’s entirely plastic aside from the nib and clip. The pen has a triangular grip that is reminiscent of those found in the Twsbi Eco and the Lamy Safari, but it’s more angular. The grip is just as comfortable as those found on each of those pens, both of which seem to have been inspirations for the 3010.

The 3010’s nib looks a lot like that fountain on Lamy’s fountain pens. The nibs between the two systems are actually interchangeable with the Wing Sung being a close-enough fit for the Lamy, fitting just little more tightly than the original Lamy nibs. The feeds found on the Lamy Safari and the 3010 are not interchangeable, with each nib not quite fitting in the grip section of the other pen.

The 3010 includes a converter, which is normally a feature you’d expect in a $30+ pen. The pen, usually, doesn’t include a cartridge, but it is compatible with them. The Wing Sung pens use what is sometimes called a “big bore” cartridge, which is to say that the inner diameter of compatible cartridges is quite large (3.4 mm). Finding a compatible cartridge can be a challenge as Wing Sung doesn’t sell them, but Parker cartridges do fit.

Wing Sung 3010 Review

Having used the Wing Sung extensively for over 3 years and owned over 15 of these pens, I can say that this is an excellent budget fountain pen. These pens are of reasonable quality, they last quite well, and the feature set is excellent. They look nice enough and they are fun to use. In short, the pen is almost impossible to beat for the money.

The 3010 does have some inconsistency with its nibs though. Every nib on every 3010 I’ve used writes nicely and comes well-adjusted right from the factory. That said, my older (2018 or so) nibs are slightly scratchy with lots of feedback. The newer ones (2021 and 2022 purchases) are smoother and wetter writers. Also, as is also the case with Lamy nibs, some of the EF nibs are broader than the Fine nibs. This isn’t a major problem, but it may mean that’ll want to buy a batch or two in order to find the perfect nib.

Only the whole, these are excellent fountain pens — Chinese or otherwise — and they are sold for an incredible price.

Wing Sung 3010 Fountain Pen Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Wing Sung
Pen Type Fountain Pen | Cartridge/Converter
Barrel Color Clear, Blue, Orange, Neon Yellow, Green, Purple
Barrel Material Plastic
Body Diameter (mm)13.0
Grip Color Clear
Grip Material Plastic
Grip Diameter (mm)11.0
Country of Origin China
MSRP $1.50
Still Sold Yes
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?Capped - Snap-On
Clip?Metal - Wire
Length Capped / Retracted (cm)13.6
Length Posted (cm)15.0
Length Uncapped (cm)12.5
Weight (g)15.8
Ink Color ShippedBlack
Nib Material
Nib ColorSilver
Nib SizesExtra Fine, Fine
Writing Sizes0.38 mm, 0.5 mm