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Wing Sung

Wing Sung 3007 Fountain Pen

Wing Sung 3007

The Wing Sung 3007 is an affordable, fountain pen that is a clear clone of the Kaweco Sport series (specifically the Skyline Sport and Classic Sport). The 3007 is a Chinese fountain pen that sells for about $3. It has a steel nib, includes a converter, and accepts both Hero and Parker cartridges.

The Wing Sung 3007 has a clear feed as many of the Wing Sung pens do, and some interesting flourishes, like a finial.

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Wing Sung 3003 Fountain Pen

Wing Sung 3003 Fountain Pen

The Wing Sung 3003 is an extremely affordable (under $3) Chinese fountain pen. It’s a clear clone of the Pilot Prera, which cost about 10x as much as the 3003 and while the Wing Sung lacks much of the Pilot’s polish and extras, it remains a very good pen. The nib on the Wing Sung 3003, in particular, is quite good and more than makes up for any of the pens shortcomings.

While the 3003 resembles the Prera in a number of ways — mostly the clip, cap design, and the uses of colored plastic pieces at the ends o the pen — but it lacks the Pilot pen’s distinctive dot print on the cap as well as its prominent body sticker.

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