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Does Lamy Sell Replacement Parts For Fountain Pens?

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If you have a Lamy fountain pen that is in need of a replacement part, then you are in a tough spot. The pens are technically repairable as the can be mostly broken down to their components, but finding replacement parts can be a real challenge.

Does Lamy Sell Replacement Parts?

So, to answer the main question at hand, Lamy does sell replacement parts of its pens. In fact Lamy has a Spare Parts page dedicated to this pursuit.

That said, Lamy’s offered are limited enough that we’d assert Lamy doesn’t really sell replacement parts for its fountain pens. On its “spare parts” page Lamy sells replacements for parts that wear out over time, like erasers and mechanical pencil inserts for multiple pens.

Lamy also sells parts that can be customized like if you want to swap one nib for another.

What Lamy doesn’t sell is replacement parts if you need to replace something that’s been broken or lost — like a new feed for the Lamy Studio fountain pen you dropped.

The one part that Lamy does sell is the cap for some of its more popular fountain pens, like the Safari and Al-Star. With caps costing $15 and $20 respectively these aren’t going to be very popular or attractive items, but it’s nice to know you can get one if you are in need.

Lamy Safari, Vista, LX, and Al-Star Replacement Feed

What happens if you are cleaning your fountain pen and your crack the feed? Lamy doesn’t sell any of these tiny plastic parts, so you need to buy a new pen? Or perhaps buy a use pen, in hopes the feed is in good shape, and harvest the feed from that pen?

A better solution than ruining a perfectly good Lamy Safari would be to buy a Wing Sung 3010. The clear plastic feed in this fountain pen will fit the Lamy Safari, Vista, Al-Star, and LX pens. The best part is that a Wing Sung 3010 will cost you under $2.00, so you can buy a few of them and a spare feed (or two) for your Lamy pens.

Here is out how-to video explaining exactly how you can replace your Lamy feed with a Wing Sung one.

Cheap, Extra Fine, Lamy Nibs

If you want to replace the nib on your Lamy fountain pen with a Fine or an Extra Fine nib, you can also get these nibs from a Wing Sung 3010 fountain pen.

The 3010 uses a stainless steel nib slides on the feed just like the Lamy modular nib design. With the feed being interchangeable, it makes sense that the nib is interchangeable as well.

In testing the Wing Sung nib works perfectly on the Lamy, either on a Wing Sung feed or the original Lamy feed. The nibs have consistent quality, and they are much finer than anything Lamy offers. Even the Wing Sung Fine nib is fine then the Lamy Extra Fine.