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Paper and Notebook Sizes Explained

Moleskine Notebook

Paper and notebook sizes are an unfortunately confusing thing. You just want some printer paper or a new notebook, and instead you are choosing between “A4” and “B5” and a slew of other unhelpful options. Maybe you are better off switching to numbers, like “8.5 by 11,” but we’ve all made the mistake of ordering legal paper when we meant to get normal copy paper.

This guide should help you sort out all your loose leaf paper and notebook size problems.

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Which Type Of Pencil Erases The Best?

People make mistakes, which is why pencils have erasers (well, not all pencils, but you get the point). But most pencils are optimized for writing, not erasing, so not all erase from paper very well. Instead the pencils smudge, smear, or leave ugly marks on the paper which you need to wear down the paper in order to remove.

But what kinds of pencils erase the best?

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The Parts Of Wooden Pencil

One of the odd things about the pen and pencil world is that these are tools people use every day but they often lack the vocabulary to describe what they are using. After all, technical discussion of pens and pencils doesn’t exactly come up very often in normal human interaction.

With the goal of aiding your talk about wooden pencils, here is the anatomy of a wooden pencil explained.

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