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Wing Sung 698 Fountain Pen

The Wing Sung 698 is a Chinese-made fountain pen that is a close copy of the Twsbi Diamond 580 and, to a lesser extent, the Twsbi Eco. It is a transparent demonstrator made of plastic, with a piston-filling mechanism.

The 698 is known for its low price, clean styling, and the word “Lucky” written down the metal clip.

The 698 has a screw-on cap and a piston filling mechanism, both of which are features of pens normally in the $30+ price category. Getting them on a pen that currently sells for less then half of that is impressive.

The 698 has a narrow — but adequately long — grip section and small steel nib. The nib is stiff but writes well. It’s sold in Extra Fine, Fine, and Medium tip sizes. The stainless steel nib looks very similar to Pilot’s nibs, such as those found on the Pilot Metropolitan and Prera.

One of the bonuses of the pen is that is has a locking piston mechanism that requires the piston handle (the back end of the pen) to be pulled slightly before the mechanism is used. This is something the Twsbi pens are noticeably lacking.

This pen was first released in 2017, with an updated version shipped in 2019.

One complaint about the Wing Sung 698 is that the cap has a heavy finial on the top which can throw off the balance when the cap is posted.

Wing Sung 698 Fountain Pen Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Wing Sung
Pen Type Fountain Pen | Piston (built-in)
Barrel Color Clear, Black, Light Grey, Cream, Blue
Barrel Material Plastic
Grip Color Clear, Black, Light Grey, Cream, Blue
Grip Material Plastic
Country of Origin China
MSRP $13
Still Sold Yes
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?Capped
Length Capped / Retracted (cm)14.5
Length Uncapped (cm)13.2 cm
Weight (g)
Nib MaterialSteel, 12K gold
Nib ColorSilver, Gold
Nib Sizes
Writing SizesExtra Fine, Fine, Medium