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Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen

The Zebra Sarasa Clip, sometimes referred to as the Zebra Sarasa Push Clip, is an affordable, plastic-bodied gel ink pen from Zebra. The Sarasa clip is from the Japanese Zebra Co. Ltd., as opposed the US-based subsidiary Zebra Pen Company.

The Sarasa Clip features a plastic body that separates in the middle, right behind the grip. It also has a plastic spring-loaded clip and plastic knock button. The pen features a rubber grip and clear body that allows you to view the refill as well as the knock mechanism.

The Sarasa clip uses Zebra’s JF refills that are available in a wide range of colors. Tip sizes range from 0.3 mm to 1.0 mm. The street price is roughly $1.75 per pen or you can get a 10-pack for about $10.

Zebra Sarasa Clip Variants

This pen is sold in a number of variants that give it a huge product rather — this is one of the huge advantages of gel ink. The variants include:

  • Standard colors
  • Fluorescent colors
  • Vintage colors
  • Metallic colors
  • Sarasa Clip Marble – Vary colors as you write. The options are Blueberry Smoothie, Cotton Candy, Hawaiian Pineapple, Mint Shower, and Tropical Mango

Zebra Sarasa Clip Review

The Zebra Sarasa Clip is the kind of cheap pen you find in offices everywhere. It’s simple, plastic, and gets the job done. No bells, no whistles, there is nothing fancy anything about it. The Sarasa clip is an inexpensive workhorse pen designed to be sold in bulk and perform a simple task: put lines on paper. The most similar pen to this one would probably be the Pilot G2 gel pen.

The Sarasa Clip does have one distinct feature over its competition. Its also the reason for its name: the clip. Most pens in this price range have a simple plastic clip that might flex a little but is more or less rigid. Zebra decided to do something a little different. They designed the clip so its hinged and spring loaded. By pressing the top of the clip, pen can clip to a pocket, a notebook cover, or whatever else you can fit it over.

Its a great idea but for me, securing a pen on or in anything but a pocket isn’t ideal. I do like how the clip offers extra tension from the spring. This helps keep the pen secure on thinner shirt pockets.

The rubber grip is a nice feature as well. Yes, a lot of cheap pens offer rubber grips. Most are either too textured or shaped to be “ergonomic” but end up being annoying. The Sarasa Clip’s grip is simple and effective. It has six vertical grooves for texture and they are actually helpful. For someone like me who often suffers from sweaty hands, this grip is a nice touch.

The click is also quite satisfying. It’s tactile and has a pleasing sound (at least if you’re the one doing the clicking). Yes, it’s all plastic but that doesn’t take away from how good it feels and sounds.

Writing Experience

The Sarasa Clip is a smooth and reliable writer. The Zebra gel ink performs very well.  I didn’t experience any skips or feathering through several pages of notes and testing. The ink has good color saturation as well. The Sarasa gel ink is overall quite good and it doesn’t let you down in this pen.

The pen is light and comfortable to use. Extended writing is very pleasurable. The diameter and rubber grip do a great job of minimizing hand fatigue.

The only issue I ran into was dry time. The JF refills dry fast but can still smudge and smear if your left-handed. It is minimal though. You can use a Sarasa JLV refill in the Clip and get super-fast drying ink that your palm wont smudge.


I have no problem recommending the Sarasa clip to anyone because it’s a great, cheap pen. It works when you need it to, and it’s easily replaced. If you are looking for a good gel pen for class or work, the Sarasa Clip is a solid choice.

While there is a lot of competition in the cheap pen market, there is one alternative I would heartily recommend, the Zebra Sarasa Dry. It’s pretty much the same pen with equally excellent performance. The only difference is that it ships with the quick-drying JLV refill. Its fast drying ink is great for lefties who need ink that won’t smudge.

Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Zebra
Pen Type Rollerball / Gel
Barrel Color Clear
Barrel Material Plastic
Body Diameter (mm)11.1 mm
Grip Color Red, Red Orange, Orange, Gold, Neon Orange, Yellow, Green, Neon Purple, Light Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Silver, Blue Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Pale Blue, Neon Pink
Grip Material Rubber
Grip Diameter (mm)10.3 mm
Country of Origin Japan
MSRP $2.50
Still Sold Yes
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?Retractable - Top Button
Weight (g)11
Ink Color ShippedRed, Red Orange, Cobalt Blue, Orange, Pink, Shiny Purple, Gold, Light Green (Neon Green), Yellow, Orange (Neon Orange), Green, Light Pink, Pink (Neon Pink), Yellow (Neon Yellow), Purple (Neon Purple), Blue Green, Light Green, Light Blue, Silver, Pale Blue
Writing Sizes0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm, 1.0 mm