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Pentel EnerGel Pro Permanent Gel Pen

The Energel Pro Permanent, sometimes call simply the Energel Pro or Energel Permanent, is a variant of the Energel liquid gel pen that uses a permanent, waterproof pigment-based ink. The ink is quick-drying like that of all Energel pens, but it’s also waterproof, fade-resistant, and fraud-proof.

The Energel Pro uses the waterproof Energel LRP7 0.7 mm gel refill or the LRP5 0.5 mm one. The ink is sold in black, blue, and red.

The body of the Energel Permanent is largely made of recycled material. The design very much resembles that of the Pentel Energel-X pen, but with metal (or metal-looking) parts similar to the Energel Euro or Infree.

Waterproof Pentel EnerGel Review

The Energel family of gel pens are one of the true crowdpleasers in the pen world. Despite there being extreme competition in the gel pen world, the Energels remain some of the best gel pens sold today, in addition to being the easiest to find.

Gel pens, being water-based, are not waterproof, unless they move from dye coloring to a pigment. This isn’t an easy change to engineer and it can ruin the ink’s flow or change drying time, both of which are core strengths of the Energel. With the EnerGel Pro Permanent, Pentel was able to release a waterproof gel pen that was the first gel pen to be quick-drying, permanent, and as smooth flowing as an Energel.


Is Energel Ink Waterproof?

No, standard Energel gel ink is not waterproof. Because the ink is water-based it spread relatively easily when contacted by a liquid, including water. In order to deal with this Pentel released the Energel Pro permanent ink in the LPR7 refill.

Pentel EnerGel Pro Permanent Gel Pen Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Pentel
Pen Type Rollerball / Gel
Barrel Color Black
Barrel Material Plastic
Body Diameter (mm)11.1
Grip Color Black
Grip Material Rubber
Grip Diameter (mm)10.8
Country of Origin Japan
Still Sold Yes
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?Retractable - Top Button
Weight (g)13.1
Ink Color ShippedBlack, Blue
Writing Sizes0.5 mm, 0.7 mm