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Pentel EnerGel LRP5 Permanent Gel Pen Refill

The LRP5 refill is part of Pentel’s LR family of gel ink refills with one big difference: it uses permanent ink. This is the same refill as the Energel LR5 aside from the move from a normal dye-based liquid gel ink to a permanent ink that is pigment-based and highly water-resistant.

This is the refill you would find in the Pentel Energel Pro permanent gel ink pen.

The LRP5 is the 0.5 mm variety of this refill. It’s also sold in 0.7 mm, the LRP7.

Pentel EnerGel LRP5 Permanent Gel Pen Refill Information

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Manufacturer Pentel
Pen Type Rollerball / Gel
Sizes 0.5 mm
Ink Colors Blue, Black, Red
Max Body Width6.1 mm
Acid-Free? No
Erasable? No
Pressurized? No
Archival? No
Fade Resistant? Yes
Fraud Prevention? Yes
Quick Drying?Yes
Water-resistant? Waterproof?Waterproof
Ink BasePigment
Refill Length (cm)11.1 cm
Tip ShapeConical
Tip MaterialMetal
Refill StandardPilot G2
Quantity Sold1
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