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McLaren is a British company who, for a time in the mid-to-late 1990s sold a series of high-end pens. The pens, which were primarily made of racecar-inspired titanium and carbon fiber, were said to have been made by a company who specialized in making orthopedic implants, hence has expertise in working with titanium.

McLaren MFP-600 Fountain Pen

McLaren 600

The McLaren MFP-600 was the entry-level model from the car company’s line of pens produced in the 1990s. The pen features a fully titanium body with rubber o-rings around the section for added grip. Like the higher-end models the MFP-600 used an 18K gold bicolor nib. The pen was milled from a single block of titanium billet.

The pen was also sold as a rollerball, the MRB-600.

McLaren MFP-800 Fountain Pen

McLaren 800 Titanium Nitride

The McLaren 800 is a fountain pen from McLaren’s set of limited production pens produced in the 1990s. These pens are, and always were, exceedingly rare though some models are easier to find than others. The McLaren 800 is a titanium pen where the family of pens was known for its use of carbon fiber. The gold coloring of the 800 is the result of a titanium nitride coating.

The MFP-800 has an 18K gold rhodium-coated nib.

McLaren 800

The MFP-800 was also sold as a rollerball pen. All the features and details are the same.

McLaren MFP-900 Fountain Pen

McLaren 900

The McLaren MFP-900 is, by name, the flagship of the limited run of McLaren pens produced in the 1990s. All the pens in the series were very high-end and rare, but the MFP-900 had the highest number in the name and the most carbon fiber of any pen in the series. At the time carbon fiber was extremely expensive to produce and exceedingly rare in consumer products.

The section of the pen is made of titanium with rubber o-rings for grip. The nib is 18K gold and bi-color with half being gold-colored and the other half being rhodium.

McLaren 900

The McLaren 900 was also sold in a rollerball model.

McLaren MFP-850 Fountain Pen

McLaren 850

The McLaren MFP-850 is a titanium body fountain pen from the limited edition McLaren family of pens. The racing car company produced a small run of high-end fountain pens in the mid-1990s focusing on the use of F1 racing-grade materials, primarily carbon fiber and titanium.

The MFP-850 has no carbon fiber, but rather uses a full-titanium body and cap. The pen has grooves machines into it that aid with grip. Unlike other pens in the McLaren family the grooves are not used with rubber o-rings, and were instead left bare, giving the 850 a sparse, clean look.