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The Best Uni Jetstream Pens of 2022

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Jetstream ballpoint pens are some of the finest writing instruments sold today, but which Jetstream pens are the real winners?

There are a lot of Jetstream pens sold in the US and Japan. Even so, we’ll try to make this list as extensive as possible. It won’t include special editions or brand partnerships, like the Jetstream Studio Ghibli models or Pure Malt models.

Top Jetstream Pens, In Order

  1. Jetstream Sport: The Standard Jetstream with an all-black design
  2. Jetstream Standard: The one and only
  3. Jetstream Color: The Standard in bright colors
  4. Jetstream Slim Compact Multi-pen
  5. Jetstream 3 Multi-pen: The standard 3-color Jetstream
  6. Jetstream Edge
  7. Jetstream Prime 3&1: Premium Jetstream with an interesting twist selection mechanism
  8. Jetstream 4: A 4-color multi-pen
  9. Jetstream Prime 3: A 3-color multi-pen with the premium metal body
  10. Jetstream RT BLX: The RT but with black bodies and off-black color inks
  11. Jetstream RT: Full rubber grip. A dated design but it’s stood the test of time
  12. Jetstream Stylus: A skinny Jetstream with a tablet stylus at the top
  13. Jetstream Edge 3 Multi-pen: Awkward but interesting 0.28mm tip multi-pen
  14. Jetstream 2&1: A not-particularly-interesting 2+1 multi-pen
  15. Jetstream 4&1 Metal Multi-pen
  16. Jetstream Alpha Gel Grip
  17. Jetstream SX: A capped, rollerball style Jetstream with the line’s oldest design. Most popular is the 0.7 mm SX-217
  18. Jetstream Premier: Named like an executive model, but with a plastic body and a slow, quiet click. Filled with grease
  19. Jetstream 4&1 Multi-pen: Large and ungainly, but at least it’s a Jetstream
  20. Jetstream F Series: A twist multi-pen with middling build quality

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