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What’s The Deal With Kaco Pens?

There is a good chance that some time in the past year you’ve run into a pen made by Kaco. Despite a general unfamiliarity with the company, they are been making many rather good pens lately.

So… who is Kaco, where are they based, what’s their website? We had many questions and wanted to learn the basics about this pen company, whose pens we’ve been enjoying for some time now.

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Kaco Edge Fountain Pen

Kaco Edge Fountain Pen

The Kaco Edge is a fountain pen that was very much inspired by the Lamy 2000, but one with some interesting things about it. First of all, it costs just about 1/10th of the MSRP of the Lamy 2000. Second it uses real Makrolon in the body, just like the Lamy. Lastly, Kaco opted for a Schmidt steel nib, which can’t match the Lamy’s gold nib, but it’s no slouch!

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