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Disposable Pipette

A disposable pipette is a small plastic device designed for transferring small amounts of liquid cleanly and accurately. It resembles a long, plastic eyedropper.

A pipette is like a lightweight, plastic eyedropper. They are normally sold in large packs for very little money. For example a pack of 200 pipettes for $7, shipping included.

Pipettes are very useful for transferring ink to and from fountain pens, eyedroppers in particularly. They are also useful for creating fountain pen ink art, such as splatter art, where distributing a small amount of ink is exactly how the art is made.

The typical pipette used for fountain pens is 3 ml, though 4 ml would work as well. Any larger and you will lost accuracy at the expense of the extra volume.

While they are sold as being “disposable,” the pipettes are very easy to clean and are not prone to staining if they are cleaned within an hour or so of use with fountain pen ink. As such, these medical-grade pipettes can can be reuse dozens of times, preventing waste while avoid the possible chips and price of a glass eyedropper.

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