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El Casco 430 Pencil Sharpener

Billed as the finest pencil sharpener every made, the El Casco 430 is more a luxury product than it is a stationery one. But that’s OK because this pencil sharpen is almost certainly going to be the best looking thing on your desk.

With a retail price of nearly $400 this pencil sharpener is no joke, but what you get is the “Rolls Royce of pencil sharpeners,” as the product is described by its maker.

Why is the El Casco 430 so expensive? Well, it’s clearly beautifully made, but it’s also hand polished and features all-steel construction with lots of nickel-plating (or gold plating in the case of the M-430 LN model).

The sharpener can do four different styles of pencil sharpening, depending on the tip length you desire. It can also work via top or side loading.

The 430 measures in at 110 x 110 x 150 mm and has a suction pad base in order to stay firmly planted on your desk.

El Casco is a Spanish company that has been making metal goods like this since 1928. They are quite well known for their Desk Stapler, but sell a number of high-end desk and stationery goods as well.

El Casco 430 Pencil Sharpener Information

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Manufacturer El Casco