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Fountain Pen Flushing Bulb

A Fountain Pen Flushing Bulb is actually more precisely known as a “bulb ear syringe.” It’s a medical device used for vacuuming, aspirating, and irrigating wounds and nasal passages.

Many companies make medical bulbs that are acceptable for use with fountain pens, but the most popular is Medline. They sell 3 bulbs for about $5.

The bulbs are rubber-like, having been made out of PVC, and have a 2 fluid ounce capacity. This makes them ideal for pulling in water and then pushing it through most cartridge/converter fountain pens in a safe, controlled manner.

The tapered end of the bulb makes it a great fit for most cartridge/converter fountain pens, through you may need to cut a few millimeters off the end for the best possible fit.

If you want to find these in person you’ll likely need to look with in the baby or infant section of a store.

Fountain Pen Flushing Bulb Information

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Manufacturer Medline