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Lamy Dialog Wood Case

Lamy Dialog Wood Case

Lamy’s Dialog 1 and Dialog 2 pens were originally sold with a wooden case. Like the pens themselves the case was designed by Richard Sapper.

The wooden case is not so much a carrying case as a gift and storage case, befitting the high-end nature of these pens. It has a magnetic closure and rubberized interior designed to protect the pen while its stored inside.

The inside of the case is a thin coat of a grippy soft-touch rubber. This coating is prone to flaking off, as it’s just a very coating on top of the wood. This is especially true with the Dialog 1 version because the Dialog 1’s front end features a short, sharp barrel which can grip the rubber material and pull it off the wood.

The wood used in the case is a beech wood, similar to the often used on Ikea furniture.

Lamy Dialog 1 Wood Case - Open

The empty Dialog 1 case weighs 81.4 grams.

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