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Lihit Lab Compact Pen Case

Lihit Lab Smart Fit Compact pen case is a small, slim, single-zipper pen case that is designed to transport a small number of pens and a limited number of items. It can hold, at the most, 10 slim pens, but the ideal scenario is to hold 4 pens safely.

The Compact pen case is made of a fabric similar to Cordura, the same materials used in a standard backpack. It measures 7″ by 4.5″ by 0.75″ and has a single zipper that runs 75% away around the case. This enables a lie-flat design that is great for use on a desk when you have arrived at your destination.

On the left side of the case, when it’s open, you have two net backs. The back one extends to the bottom of the case so that you can pull pens in it as well. The lower one is sized for a pencil sharpener, spare pen cap, or fountain pen cartridge.

Lihit Lab Compact Pen Case Information

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Manufacturer Lihit Lab