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Lihit Lab Double Zipper Pen Case

One of the best-selling pen cases sold today, the Lihit Lab Double Zipper is a full-sized case with a capacity of up to 25 pens. And while it’s called a “pen case” it’s good at holding all sorts of things, like pencils, scissors, notepads, glue sticks, erasers, etc. thanks to its clever design and storage compartments.

The outside of the case is made out of a tough polyester, which feels like the Cordura that a backpack is made out of, but is a bit smoother. The smoothness is nice because it add dirty and water resistance to the exterior, even if it is a bit slipper at times. 

The front of the case has a small red badge on it that cases “designed for arrangement” which Lihit Lab uses on a number of its products. There is no logo besides this. The front also has two unzippered pockets. These are OK for putting notes inside of or maybe something the size of a crayon, but they are generally not useful.

The case of the Double Zipper case has no pockets or features.

The case uses double zippers (two zipper pulls) on the first closure, so you can open and close it from either end.

The Double Zipper case measure in at 8.0″ x 3.0″ x 4.7″ which means it’s not at all small.

Inside the first zipper there is one flap, which means you have four areas — two on one size of the flap and two on the other. Each area has a strap across it which is used for clipping a pen to. This is a thin, unpadded pieces which is rather slippery so it’s not really ideal for this purpose, but it works well enough. There is a pocket on the the bottom as well which is used not as a pocket, but to steady the bottom of the pen.

Because this area is not padded and the pens are not separated from each other, the Double Zipper case is good at storing a lot of pens, but won’t protect valuable or sensitive pens. Above you case see it fitting seven pens across, which is probably beyond the recommended capacity, but when using $3 pens it seems fine. Six is probably a more practical number for most pens, but you’d want to reduce this if you had pricier items.

Inside the second zipper there are net pockets for smaller items on the left and larger ones on the right. These pockets have no closure, but they have a elastic piece on the the top of each which prevents most things from escaping. This area is good for paper clips, binder clips, glue stickers, erasers, and other sundries.

Lihit Lab Double Zipper Review

This is a big case with some serious storage. The 25-pen capacity might not sound like a ton, but it’s a lot, especially once you factor in all the pieces and zippers it takes to accommodate those pens. The capacity is great, and the price is excellent (under $15) but this case has some shortcomings that prevent it from being a favorite. They are:

  • No nothing separating the pens from each other
  • No padding in the case to protect the pens
  • Slippery material inside the case means pens slide around
  • Unzippered pockets on the outside

So, in short, this is a pen case designed for capacity, not for protecting fancier pens. That’s fine and might actually be what you are looking for, but then why have pens stored but clipping them in, not just throwing them in a case? So maybe you have less expensive pens but you also want them organized? If that sounds like you, then the Lihit Lab Double Zipper is a great buy. Just makes sure you have a bag big enough to hold it, this case is not small.


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