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Monteverde Fountain Pen Flush

Monteverde Fountain Pen Flush is a fountain pen cleaning liquid that is sold in 8 fluid ounce and 16 fluid ounce sizes. It’s not necessary for general fountain pen cleaning but it’s useful for dried ink and more stubborn inks.

This fountain pen cleaning fluid is mostly composed of distilled water and ammonium hydroxide. While it’s something you’ll want to use with care, it’s less strong than most of the other options sold today and is usually safe with higher end and more delicate pens.

The procedure for using this flush is generally to flush your pen with water a few times, until the water leaving the pen is clear (or nearly clear). Then pour some of the Monteverde flush fluid into a cup. From there you can full your fountain pen with the fluid, after which you can let the fluid sit in your pen for up to 30 minutes, in which the deeper cleaning will happen. Then expel the Monteverde fluid and flush the pen with water a few more times.

Monteverde Fountain Pen Flush Information

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