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Muji Pen Case (Large Type)

Muji makes a number of pen storage products, but the company makes pen cases as well. The simplest and most effective of these products is the Muji Pen Case Large Type.

This pen case is very simple. It’s made of nylon — similar to what a school backpack is made out of — and it sells for about $10 in Muji stores. The case is roughly rectangular, measuring in at 19 x 8 x 4.5 cm, which means it’s big enough for just about anything you want to throw in there, including pencils and paintbrushes.

The Muji large pen case has a single compartment with two pulls on the one zipper. On the top half of the interior compartment is a netted pocket for small accessories. This area is perfect for erasers, extra pencil lead, ink cartridges, etc., but it’s not large.

The pencil case has sufficient volume to carry more than enough stationery for a typical student and collapses nearly flat when not full. It’s a very practical choice that will stand the test of time.

The case is only sold in black and included no accessories or extras.

Muji Pen Case (Large Type) Information

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