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Ohuhu Alcohol Art Markers

Ohuhu Marker Broad Tip Blue

These are low priced markers that are primarily sold through Amazon. They are very affordable, come in large, artist-friendly packs, and are rather well made given the pricing.

Being alcohol-based markers they have a strong smell to them and will not be ideal for all mediums or use cases.

These dual-tip markers are sold in over 80 colors, with color coding on each so you only need to remember a number in order to grab the exact correct shade. Each marker has two caps, one of which protects a fine tip and there other a broad, flat chisel tip. The first is good for detailed work and writing words/numbers where the other is for coloring in larger sections as well as creating straight edges.

The alcohol-based ink has a strong odor which isn’t pleasant, but isn’t the worst available. The upside of the alcohol base is that the ink is quick-drying which prevents smudges and smearing on almost all paper types.

Ohuhu Alcohol-Based Art Markers Review

While they don’t come from a name-brand (or even a recognizable brand) these markers have excellent reviews on Amazon. Combining those with a very reasonable price can often, but not always, mean a good buy. That’s why we purchased these markers — a 12-pack cost $8 shipped.

The packaging and presentation are not impressive. The label on the plastic case is a paper sticker in Chinese, which won’t be helpful to most buyers in the US. Numbers on the top and bottom of the markers as well as colored ends making finding the marker you want easy, even if the numbering is rather smaller and light. These markers could benefit from being kept in a stand or some kind of pen storage unit so you can see the ends and grab what you need.

The markers are sufficiently wet but not drippy or messy. They tend to dry quickly and that limited smearing or smudging. The colors have a nice pop them them, especially in some tones like 15 (red) and F23 (fluorescent pink).

Some downsides are that they have a smell to them, not unlike a dry eraser marker. Also the cap will not fit on the end of the other cap, so you have to keep the cap nearby or else you may lose it.

Being alcohol-based, you need to be careful how you use these markers. You’ll want to use smooth paper and to put your paper down on something that can breathe a little but also something that you don’t mind ruining since alcohol markers tend to bleed unto the other side of the paper and to underlying surfaces.

Uhuhu markers have all the qualities of alcohol-based markers so there is nothing weird here, they just aren’t ideal for all scenarios. All in all, these do their job quite nicely.

Uhuhu Marker Sample Scan

Uhuhu Marker Scan
Uhuhu Marker Scan

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