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Sakura Coupy-Pencil Colored Pencils

The Sakura Coupy-Pencil is a type of colored pencils that are very similar to a crayon. It’s a fun coloring tool that is made by the popular Japanese brand Sakura (specifically a branch called Sakura Color).

The Coupy-Pencil is sold in sets, with the most popular being a 12-color set that includes a carrying case, sharpener and eraser. Their long, thin shape means they can be sharpened with a standard pencil sharpener in addition to the included one.

The Coupe-Pencils aren’t wrapped in paper, which is a nice change of pace, but are not prone to breaking. They feel less waxy than a crayon but still color quite nicely. The Coupe-Pencils have some flex to them, but they rarely break, even when sharpened.

These feel more like crayons thanks to their softness, than the do colored pencils, but they are still good for adult coloring books and the like.

These colored pencils might feel like crayons but they are good for users of all ages and at about $1 per color they are priced reasonably.

Sakura Coupy-Pencil Colored Pencils Information

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