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Schmidt PRS Cartridge Rollerball Tip

The Schmidt PRS is a rollerball tip that allows rollerball pens to use fountain pen ink. This part specifically refers to the rollerball writing tip. It will work in almost any fountain pen that uses a Schmidt fountain pen nib unit.

The Schmidt PRS is a refillable, replaceable, cartridge-based rollerball tip that is uses in rollerballs and fountain pens. It’s a modular system that unscrews when you want to replace or swap your writing tip. This prevents the rollerball’s ball from wearing out while allowing it to use fountain pen ink which is thinner than standard ink. It allow writers to use fountain pen standard international cartridges and converters with a rollerball.

The Schmidt PRS is sold as a 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm (Fine and Medium) rollerball with a tungsten carbide ball for longevity.

The PRS system will not work with all Schmidt nibs, rather you’ll have to use it in place of the FH 41 or FH241 nib profiles.

The FH 41 is usually seen as a stainless steel nib Schmidt nib that is 6.1 mm across at the widest point. It’s nearly a straight nib that is quite utilitarian. The FH 241 has a widest point at 7.0 mm and flairs out slightly towards the top of the nib.

Both the FH 41 and the FH 241 are sold as a nib units with or without a decorative ring at the joining of the nib and plastic body.

Schmidt PRS Cartridge Rollerball Tip Information

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