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Schmidt SKM 88 Push Button Mechanism

The Schmidt SKM 88 is a popular knock, or push button, for pens. It has a wide diameter and an all-metal design that makes it a popular choice for EDC, or everday carry, pens. These are rugged pens that are always with the owner.

The SKM 88 is designed for use with A2 and Parker-style G2 refill pens. It’s possible to modified or fit it to fit other pen types, but generally you’ll see it used with a G2 ballpoint.

The part is almost always sold in silver, but it can be found in black as well. It’s a popular choice for pen builders (sometimes called “pen turners” as it’s easy to install on a pen blank. The mechanism is often found in home-brew pens, so build-it-yourself kits and Kickstarter projects will invariably use this.

Pens That Use the SKM 88

Here are some of the better known pens that use the SKM 88 push button.

  • Baron Fig Squire Click
  • Inventery Mechanical Pen
  • Jac Zagoory Click Spin Ballpoint Pen
  • Karas Kustoms Retrakt
  • Karas Kustoms Retrakt EDK
  • Penn State Industries DuraClick EDC (pen kit)
  • Schrade SCPEN9BK Tactical Pen
  • Tuff Writers Mini-Click

Schmidt SKM 88 Push Button Mechanism Information

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Manufacturer Schmidt