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Speedball Pen Cleaner

Speedball Pen Cleaner is a cleaning fluid for fountain pen ink, india ink, technical pens, and other hard-to-clean materials.

While fountain pens don’t technically need a cleaning liquid to clean them out, Speedball’s Pen Cleaner will help remove ink stains and power through dried on ink.

The cleaning liquid has a pronounced smell to it but isn’t overly harsh or noxious. It conforms to ASTM d4236 standards.

Speedball’s cleaner is sold in 2 fluid oz. and 16 fluid oz. sizes. It is clear, so it actually looks like water when in its container.

Instructions for Use

Using Speedball’s cleaning liquid is simple: simply apply it to a fountain pen nib, calligraphy nib, paint brush, or similar item. The item should stay in the liquid for 30 minutes and then thoroughly flushed with warm water. A full cleaning might take multiple applications. It can be diluted if full strength is not required (it usually isn’t).

30 minutes should be safe for all materials, including plastics, but if you have something vintage or delicate you should exercise caution before using any cleaning liquid.

Important note: While the Speedball 2 oz. bottle looks like an ink bottle, you should not submerge your pens in it as it will be contaminated with the ink and will affect future cleanings.

Speedball Pen Cleaner Information

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