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Noodler’s Yellow

Noodler’s Yellow is a yellow ink sold in a Noodler’s standard 90 ml (3 oz) plastic bottle.

The ink is made in the USA and has the hand-made color variation that is characteristic of Noodler’s inks.

This is a yellow tone that is strong enough to be used on its own, and too strong for highlighting. It is not waterproof so artistic purposes are limited. Given the impracticality of yellow ink for many types of writing, an ink like this can be used for CMYK color mixing.

Noodler’s Yellow Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Noodlers
Ink Color Yellow
Bottle Size 90 ml
Waterproof No
Archival No
Quick-drying No
Tamper-proof No
Fluorescent No
Lubricated No
Cartridge No
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