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A List of Micarta Fountain Pens

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If you are in the market for a Micarta fountain pen you might be having a hard time finding one.

While a very cool material, Micarta can be a challenge for use in a pen. It is prone to leaking, cracking, and staining if not handled exactly perfectly… and even then there can be problems. As a result there have been a few Micarta fountain pens made, but most have not stayed in production for very long.

Almost all then pens in the list below are out of production, expensive to buy used, and hard to find. In addition to these three things most of the pens on the list are known for problems, like leaking and staining, which is why manufacturers shied away from them.

  • Twsbi Micarta
  • Monty Winnfield Linen Micarta and Bronze Fountain Pen
  • Sailor 1911 Micarta Fountain Pen
  • Penprique Custom Micarta Fountain Pen
  • Newton – Assorted, including the “BBB” and “Prospector”

As you can see, Micarta fountain pens are few and far between. Current prices on the secondary market — mostly Ebay – -range from $300 for a Twsbi up to about $500 for a Sailor, and $800 for a Newton.

And even if you can find one of these rarities, it likely isn’t a good investment as Micarta is so prone to staining that the pen won’t stay nice for long. Even if you don’t mind the staining, leaking and cracked caps is a constant concern with this material.

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