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Baron Fig Nomad Sticky Notes

Baron Fig Nomad Sticky Notes

The Baron Fig Nomad Sticky Note are a 3″ x 3″ sticky note with a grid pattern printed on them. They are a direct competitor to yellow sticky notes, which are most popularly sold as the 3M Post-It notes.

This sticky notes do not have any specifications that come with them aside from the size, which is listed as being 3 by 3 inches. The actual size is more like 74.5 mm square, or about 2.93 x 2.93 inches. This is s little odd that they are undersized, but not a huge deal.

The Nomad sticky notes are currently only sold in a grid version, which has a light grey printing. The pattern is a 5 mm grid, which is to say that the dots are about 5 mm apart (center to center). There are 15 vertical dots and 15 horizontal ones, which makes for 14 lines for writing.

Baron Fig Nomad vs Post-it Notes

The defining differences between the Nomad and it’s primarily competitor, 3M Post-it yellow sticky notes, are the following:

  • Baron Fig (BF) is white paper where Post-its are yellow, but also many other colors
  • BF has less tacky, less strong adhesive
  • BF has a rounded edge instead of squared off
  • BF has as grid pattern instead of blank or lines
  • BF has a nicer paper quality and ones that’s better for almost all pen types, especially fountain pens
  • BF Nomads are much more expensive

Sticky Note Pricing

To expand on the pricing, Nomad sticky notes currently sell in packs of 3 for $8. Each pad has 70 notes. Baron Fig only offers free shipping with orders above $35, but that’s not hard to hit so let’s call shipping free.

Sticky notes purchased though Amazon today will cost about $7 for 5 pads of 100 notes. Shipping is similarly free (more or less).

800 cents for 210 notes means each Baron Fig sticky note costs about 3.8 cents.

700 cents for 500 notes means each Post-it note costs about 1.4 cents.

This means the Baron Fig Nomad notes cost about 2.7x the price of yellow sticky notes.

Baron Fig Nomad Sticky Notes Review

While it’s easy to see the appeal of the Baron Fig Nomad notes, it’s hard not to have reservations. Yes, the notes look great. A handsome grid pattern with a rounded corner means these sticky notes look classy as anything.

The Nomads also use very nice paper. This paper is enjoyable to write on, but this is limited by the 3×3 size, which is too small to rest your palm upon and only good for a few words across. Even so, the paper is heavy enough that ink never bleeds through to the next sheet. The paper is also fountain pen-friendly where Post-it notes tend to dry out fountain pen tips in a odd, unpleasant way.

As far as the pricing goes, the Nomads costs $8, which frankly isn’t bad. Sure they are very expensive if you look at them on a per sheet basis, but if that’s how you looked at paper you’d rarely buy anything nice. This means these are sticky notes for paper lovers, which means the price is less of a factor.

They product you either can’t stand or simply need, neither decision if wrong.

Baron Fig Nomad Sticky Notes Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Baron Fig
Cover Material
Cover Color
Paper Color White
Paper Decoration Graph
Line Spacing5
Lines per Page15
Number of Pages 70
Weight (g/sq/m)70
Perforated Edge? No
Refillable? No
Paper Size Custom
Paper Size 7.4 x , x
Paper Depth0.85 cm
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