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MIO Paper

Kokuyo Campus High Grade

This is the paper used in the Kokuyo Campus High Grade Notebook. MIO is said to the the best (or at least the most expensive) paper sold in any Campus notebook, but nothing else is explained about it.

What is MIO Paper?

The High Grade notebook uses something called MIO paper, but little is explained about it in English. MIO stands for “Mobile Ideal Original” but it’s left open as to whether MIO is a paper brand, a type of paper, a technology used by Kokuyo, or Kokuyo’s in-house paper brand. Having done some cursory research, it seems like it’s the last option: MIO paper an in-house sub-brand from Kokuyo.

MIO paper is said to be designed for gel pens which would normally show through on a thinner paper. The High Grade notebook’s MIO paper is 60gsm, which means it’s relatively light, but we have found it to be surprisingly resistant to fountain pens, gel pens, and rollerballs.

MIO paper is quite smooth, much more so than standard Campus paper. This makes it good for some fountain pen users, so long as you aren’t looking for too much feedback from your nib.

MIO Paper Information

On their website Kokuyo has some explanation of MIO paper (translated from Japanese):

  • The writing comfort at the time of writing is related to the roughness of the paper surface. MIO PAPER has a texture that is perfect for writing with a gel ink ballpoint pen that is neither slippery nor rough.
  • Quickly absorb and dry the ink so you can write easily without worrying about bleeding.
  • It is also recommended for left-handed people and vertical writing.
  • As it is light by thin paper of 60 g / m2, it is convenient for carrying around.
  • Achieves a supple, smooth touch that is preferred by many people.
  • Uses virgin pulp and neutral paper that excels in light resistance and resists discoloration.
  • Perfect for long-term storage.
  • Bright and soft colors, sharp design, and special varnish processing realize “simple”, “superior texture” and “smoothness”.
  • (Special varnish processing excludes no-GG3A, GG3B, GG223A x 3. GG223B x 3)

From this we can confirm some details: like the paper weight (60 gsm), a focus on gel pens, and that the paper is using virgin pulp (which is to say it’s not been recycled).

MIO Paper Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Kokuyo
Cover Material
Cover Color
Paper Color
Paper Decoration Blank
Number of Pages
Perforated Edge? No
Refillable? No
Paper Size
Paper Size x , x
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