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Silvine Originals Project Notebook

Silvine Project Notebook

The Silvine Originals Project notebook is a large, high quality notebook. The notebook is hand-finished in the United Kingdom with a calico cloth binding. The notebook has heavyweight 90 gram per square meter paper with a slight texture to it. This a lie-flat notebook with heavyweight 300 gram per square meter covers.

The Natural White Wove paper is sold in either 5 mm grid with plain white backs.

At 20 x 30 cm the Project notebook is the largest size in the Silvine Originals series. It’s a tight fit in some small bags but generally not a problem. This size is very good for extended notes, but large enough for sketching (if you are OK with the grid).

The Project is the largest size that Silvine makes in this series. The smaller sizes (from small to large) are: Pocket, Memo, Note, and Exercise.

Silvine Originals Project Notebook Information

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Manufacturer Silvine
Cover TypeSoftcover
Cover Material Paper
Cover Color Red
Paper Color White
Paper Decoration Graph
Number of Pages 96
Weight (g/sq/m)61
Perforated Edge? Yes
Refillable? No
Paper Size Custom
Paper Size 30.5 x 20.0, x
Paper Depth1.1 cm
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