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Tomoe River 68 gsm Artist Grade Loose Paper

If you have spent any time researching fountain pens and how they interact with paper, then you’ve heard of Tomoe River Paper. This specialty paper is highly resistant to ink, which might not sound ideal, but it’s actually quite important if you want to get all the artistic details out of your ink.

A5, A4

Cream, Blank, White

Cream, 50 Sheets, White

Tomoe River 68 gsm Artist Grade Loose Paper Information

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Manufacturer Tomoe River
Models A4, Blank, Cream; A4, Blank, White; A4, Cream, 50 Sheets; A4, White, 50 Sheets; A5, Blank, Cream; A5, Blank, White
Cover Type
Cover Material
Cover Color
Paper Color Ivory, White
Paper Decoration Blank
Line Spacing
Lines per Page 0
Number of Pages 50
Weight (g/sq/m) 68
Perforated Edge? No
Refillable? No
Paper Size A4, A5
Paper Dimensions 29.7 cm x 21.0 cm, 11.7 inches x 8.3 inches
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