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Dyson Biro

The Dyson Biro is a rare ballpoint that was never sold at retail or available in the United States. This promotional item was available in the United Kingdom (where Dyson is based) for some time, mainly through Dyson giveaways and handouts to partners. The pen has an all-metal body and telescopic design that is often compared to the Lamy Unic.

The Biro was named after Laszlo Biro, the inventor of the ballpoint pen. Despite this fact, Dyson’s Biro was designed to be a kind of reinvention of the ballpoint. Dyson has said over over 20 of its engineers, including the founder James Dyson, spent time developing 50 iterations of this pen before it they got it right. This seems a bit hard to believe given the pens many flaws (as pointed out in the video, but it’s still a very cool pen.

Some issues with the Dyson Biro (aside from its rarity and price when found) are:

  • its use of aluminum which is lightweight and strong but not pleasant to hold
  • the use of a D1 refills which is easy to find but not great for writing quality
  • aluminum-on-aluminum grinding when you click and release the knock
  • a non-functional clip that puts no pressure on whatever is inside it

Dyson Biro Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Dyson
Pen Type Ballpoint
Barrel Color Silver, Orange
Barrel Material Metal
Grip Color Silver, Orange
Grip Material Metal
Country of Origin England
MSRP $75
Still Sold No
Release Year2015
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Weight (g)