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Lamy Unic Fountain Pen

While not many people have hard ot it, the Lamy Unic is an iconic pen. It was first released in 1984, having been designed by Gerd A. Müller, the man who designed the Lamy 2000 (the company’s best known pen), CP1, and ST pens.

The Unic was sold as a fountain pen using Lamy’s 585 (14K) gold nib or a black-coated steel nib. It was also sold as a retractable ballpoint pen, which is known for its telescopic tip. The Unic was never sold in a mechanical pencil, multi-pen, or rollerball.

The Lamy Unic fountain pen is no longer in production. It’s not known when the fountain pen stopped being produced, but it would be some time before 1997.

The Lamy Unic fountain pen was sold in both brushed stainless steel and matte black finishes, the steel body was sold with a gold nib while the black body used the Lamy steel nib.

Vintage catalogs reveal some facts about these pens. This 1988 Lamy catalog tells us from interesting facts about the Unic fountain pens:

  • Stainless Steel Unic Fountain Pen: Model 90. It was sold with a 14K nib. The retail price was 130 Deutschmarks at 1.6537 DM to USD would be about $78.65. That’s about $168 in 2019.
  • Black Unic Fountain Pen: Model 91. It was sold with the “stahlfeder schwarz verchromt” or black steel nib. Retail price was 82 DM or about $106 in 2019.
  • Both pens used the T10 cartridge but could also use Lamy’s Z22 converter.
  • Both pens were sold with EF, F, M, B, BB, MK (Mittel Kugel), OM, OB, and OBB nibs.

Lamy Unic Fountain Pen Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Lamy
Pen Type Fountain Pen | Cartridge/Converter
Barrel Color Black, Silver
Barrel Material Steel
Grip Color Black, Silver
Grip Material Steel
Country of Origin Germany
MSRP $78
Still Sold No
Release Year1984
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?Capped
Weight (g)
Nib Material14K Gold, Steel
Nib ColorSilver, Black
Nib SizesExtra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Double Broad, Oblique Medium, Oblique Broad, Oblique Double Broad, Mittel Kugel