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Pilot Acro Drive Ballpoint Pen

Pilot Acro Drive Pen

The Acro Drive is an executive pen from Pilot. It’s in the Acro series, which means it uses Pilot’s hybrid ink and is the company’s competitor to the Uni Jetstream series. Being an executive pen, the Acro Drive has a full metal body.

The Acro Drive is a twist retractable pen, where the Acro 1000 is a click retractable. The interesting difference between the two is that the Acro Drive is fully made of metal where the grip of the Acro 1000 is metal but the top section of the body is plastic coated to look like metal.

Pilot Acro Drive Review

The Acro Drive is a relatively rare pen outside of Japan, thanks to the newness of the Acro series and the relatively high prices of the premium models: the Acro 1000 and the Acro Drive. Even the affordable Acro 300 is rare in the United States, where Pilot instead sells the Acroball series of products. The Acroballs are cheaper, more colorful, and aimed at office use, not the executive market.

Being the flagship of the Acro series, the Acro Drive was never meant to be an everyday pen, rather it’s supposed to be something special and gift-worthy. Pilot definitely accomplished this — the pen is handsome, heft, and well-made. The twist action is more distinguished and generally considered more premium than a knock-style pen.

The Acro Drive is a great writer with a really interesting contour to its body, which a wider bottom then top. This lends itself to accurate writing and serious comfort, especially for those of us who can’t standard top-heavy pens.

The use of the Pilot BRFN-30 refill was a nice choice here, as it’s a higher end version of the Dr. Grip refill. This uses quick-drying Acro ink which has the versatility of a ballpoint but the smoothness of a hybrid. It’s a great refill, though replacements have to be purchased online. In most local stores you will be able to find a Dr. Grip refill, but it’s a slight downgrade.

So in this video, I wanted to take a quick look at the Pilot Acro Drive Pen. This is a higher end pen from Pilot, and it's part of the act. Groceries Pilot calls it a ballpoint, but it's part of Pilots set off hybrid pens. That's the Acro. Yeah, Acro Drive is the metal body twist version of the pen, so it's an executive pen sells for in the $30 range. It's a similar pen to this one. This is the acro 1000 and this is the metal body click retractable. Technically, only the grip is metal.
The top portions not metal, but it's the executive version of the acro retractable again see acro 1000. The Acro Dr is very similar, but I believe the body's fully metal, so both the grip and the top are metal. The hardware is a little bit differently. See and move overto gold hardware and kind of a little bit more old fashioned looking. And then, obviously the big difference is that it's a twist. Retractable. Instead of a click, this pen is a good deal, heavier kind of Maur getting into a sort of a premium or luxury pen.
It's just a executive pen, and I believe it's heavier because of the body. The upper half is also metal, so we see it comes on a few different colors, like white, and this is a call it a gold. Maybe, maybe a bronze. Hard to say what This is also sold in a white, black and few other colors and has a really nice smooth twist. Action at the top of the twist. You could see it goes up and then it locks down. So nice action itself. Correct correcting. So if you turn it halfway and let go, it will turn back that it will lock if you turn it all the way. It's quite nice. Very smooth, totally silent. No click or anything to it, Obviously right has Metal Harbor at the top All gold nice stout clip, which is folded over. It's not a super high end looking clip, but it gets the job done, says Dr Right there, Pilot made. Japan doesn't really say acro drive, which would be nice, but it is dr and then not too much else to the pan. But you could see that the grip area flares out, and that is sort of sort of a trademark of the acro pens. Here's the acro 1000. You could see slim waist flairs out. The acro 300 does that as well. The acro balls sort of the more conventional cheaper version pens. They don't do that, but the acro those do you can see it's quite pronounced here, so if you twist the pen one way, it will extend the tip. If you twist it the other way, you will open the pent up, and that is done very smoothly, and we could see in here.
It definitely looks to be metal just to confirm that. And then, ah, lot of metal hardware here that gold ring, the threatening to keep it closed or keep it together and we see and hear it is the Pilot BRFN-30. So this is the higher end Siri's. That's the B R f N 30. Uh, this is the doctor grip style refill. You have also seen this refill in something like the Pilot has 20 which I reviewed in the past. Or you could put it in the [Pilot] Dr Grip. Stuff like that.
The stock Dr. Grip refill would be the Brfn-10 and that would be the same acro Inca. Put in a plastic body inside this metal body. I really like these. The 30f is the fine, obviously, which I think is 0.5 millimeter. No, it's a 0.7mm year on the medium is a point. Well, one that 1,000,000. It's also an extra fine, but I like to find a lot. I really like the medium, but they're all quite good. He's a great refills. So smooth action. Nice wait. In fact, I could see people complaining that the pen is a little bit on the heavy side.
This is a very comparable pen to a pan tell photography, which is like their higher end full metal twist pen and some of the JetStream premiums like the JetStream Prime Single. I'll probably do a comparison on all those pens in the future if people instead so really nice feeling in your hand. It's a little bit heavy but has a reassuring Hef. Nice twist action that's a little bit hard to do. One handed twist. So that's something to keep in mind. I don't mind it so much I do tend to prefer collect.
And then it has this very smooth paint job isn't almost no texture to it. Might look powder coated but entirely smooth and glossy depends a little slippery, but it really makes up for it with this extra with here, and it feels really quite nice. Uh, and you could hold it down here for a wider grip or hold it up. You have to go that far up to get a nice, a slimmer profile. I really like these acro pens for that grip area between the two, the Acro 1000 and the Acro Drive.
I actually prefer the feeling of the Acro 1000 just because it has a heavier lower section, a lighter top to me that feels slightly more comfortable, like you have more control when the pen has a lot of weight going through the entire body of the pen. You lose some of control of having a heavier front area, but it's definitely not a bad feeling. So this is the Pilot acro Dr. And you could just remember that this is using a B R F and 30 f resell. Really smooth nice writer. I like this be are often a lot of probably too many videos about it at this point and with this pen very smooth there. Quiet, very cleanly constructed Depends not cheap at $30 plus retail price, but you do see where the money's going. There's a lot of metal, has a really executive feel to it. Very clean. Look, it's a bit of a gap right here. You could probably just make out, but his pen has had somewhere on it, as you could see. So maybe that's not gonna be on the one you get in this pan in the Acro 1000 we have the kind of the standard acro refill doesn't use the this is called the Doesn't use the B R. FM. This uses the br f ve, and that's just the skinny refill their same ink. So this is a 0.5 millimeter.
So also that f I think I know this may actually be the EF, brfn10-ef itself. And this is the Pilot acro 1000 b r f b. I think I said that would be the brf-10. There's a quick comparison, you could see definitely some more with with the F. Then yes, it's to be expected. Boulder, great writers and very smooth, very reliable. He's there sort of pens. You want it just right all day with I really have been recommended. The acro pens a lot recently was I just enjoy using them and they're very reliable, very smooth. No problems with lobbying. Or you can see clearly no smudging, which is really I appreciate as a left handed person. So that is the Pilot acro Dr Great Pen on the expensive side, a little bit heavy for me. Nice body is a pen. I would give someone as a gift, probably not one I would buy again myself. If you really want to get into the act groceries, I would say, If you want something higher, end the upper 1000.
My favorite remains The Acro 300 which is the full plastic version of the Acro 1000. Basically, this piece right here, instead of being metal, it's plastic, same ink and all that. It sells for about four bucks. That's my favorite. I do prefer the Acro 1000 to the acro drive, even though the drives really nice pen, Just not. It's not necessary for me. I'm getting everything I need from this pen in the Acro 1000 I do prefer the click to twist. That said, It's really nice pen, really well made. I don't love the gold gardware, to be honest, just a little bit on the flashy side, especially when the gold is come. Combined with this, I guess I'll call it champagne or maybe even a titanium. I could go back and forth, but with this champagne color, just it's a little bit too flashy for me. But, yeah, really solid pen. You guys have any questions or comments? Let me know if you want to see a comparison between this and the JetStream Premier so called I will do that in the future. Thanks for watching.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH2rONLYtBg

Pilot Acro Drive Ballpoint Pen Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Pilot
Pen Type Hybrid
Barrel Color White, Gray, Dark Blue, Light Brown, Pink, Black
Barrel Material Metal
Body Diameter (mm)10.8 mm
Grip Color White, Gray, Dark Blue, Light Brown, Pink, Black
Grip Material Metal
Grip Diameter (mm)10.8 mm
Country of Origin Japan
MSRP $33
Still Sold Yes
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?Retractable - Twist
Weight (g)30 grams
Ink Color ShippedBlack