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Rotring Quattro Executive Multi-pen

Rotring Quattro

The Rotring Quattro Executive is one of the best looking, if not the best looking, multi-pen of all time. Rotring began making multi-pens in 1988 but released the Quattro Executive around 2000. It is sometimes called the Rotring Quattro Executive Stylus because the fourth component in the multi-pen selection is a stylus designed for use with resistive screens. More recent versions of the pen are sold with black and red Ballpoint pens, a 0.5 mechanical pencil, and and orange highlighter.

The Quattro Executive was sold in black and silver finishes, with a full-metal body. It uses a gravity mechanism for selecting the tip, with the pen being placed on its side and the icon at the top indicating which writing instrument will extent when the knock is pressed.

The original retail price of the pen was $60.

Alternative Names

This pen is sometimes listed as the Rotring Executive Multi-pen or the Multi-pen Executive.

Rotring Quattro Executive Multi-pen Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Rotring
Pen Type Multi-pen
Barrel Color Silver, Black
Barrel Material Metal
Grip Color Silver, Black
Grip Material Metal with Rubber
Country of Origin Japan
MSRP $60
Still Sold No
Release Year2000
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?Retractable
Length Capped / Retracted (cm)14.6
Weight (g)