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Skilcraft B3 Aviator Multi-function Pen

The Skilcraft B3 Aviator is a 2+1 multi-pen that features a black pen, a red pen, and a mechanical pencil. The pen is made in the USA, like all Skilcraft pens, and is designed for use in and around aircraft.

The Skilcraft B3 is a matte black multi-pen. It has an all-metal design with no sharp corners and is slightly undersized, at about 5 inches long. The selection mechanism works by allowing the bottom half of the pen to spin 360 degrees, with three points extending the writing tips and the rest leaving the pen retracted. The B3 is refillable with D1 ballpoint refills.

Skilcraft pens are made in the United States by the National Industries For the Blind.

The B3 was designed for sale to the US military and, as such, has a National Stock Number (NSN): 7520-01-564-9906.

What Is an Aviator Pen?

The Skilcraft B3 is designed for use in and around airplanes… but what is special about it that allows for this?

  • Black and red ink are used on airplane documentation
  • Black, non-reflective surface is safe for cockpit use
  • Small size is designed to fit military uniform pockets, such as a flight suit
  • Meets Foreign Object Damage (FOD) requirements

Foreign Object Damage is the concept that as few objects a possible should be around airplanes. Engines, propellers, and other parts can be severely damaged by foreign objects, which can cause millions of dollars in damage as well as unsafe situations. As a result planes have FOD deflection systems and the items that go in and around planes are tightly regulated.

Skilcraft B3 Aviator Multi-function Pen Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Skilcraft
Pen Type Ballpoint
Barrel Color Black
Barrel Material Metal
Body Diameter (mm)8.7
Grip Color Black
Grip Material Metal
Grip Diameter (mm)8.7
Country of Origin USA
MSRP $20
Still Sold Yes
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?
Length Capped / Retracted (cm)12.99
Weight (g)19.4
Writing Sizes0.5 mm