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Zebra Fortia Cone

Zebra Fortia Cone

The Zebra Fortia Cone was released in March 2019 as the latest release to the Fortia line of Emulsion ink pens. This pen has a conical body, giving it the name, and Zebra’s excellent hybrid ink, by way of the popular EQ-0.7 refill.

The Fortia Cone is sold in 10 colors choices. It uses the Zebra EQ Emulsion hybrid ink, the same that comes in other Fortia pens, like the Fortia 300 and Fortia 500.

The Fortia Cone is has a lightweight aluminum body and a large, glossy button at the top. It’s sturdy but light, making it a comfortable writing pen. Many cone-shaped pens, like the Retro 51 Tornado and Lamy Dialog 2 are not very comfortable because they are quite back-weighted and it can be hard to find the right place to hold them (a popular criticism with the Lamy 2000 as well), but the Fortia Cone’s sub-20 gram weight means that not a problem.

The Cone has a very narrow inner channel so swapping the EQ-0.7 refill out for another will be a challenge. Something like the Sarasa gel refills are far too wide to fit inside — as other other Pilot G2-sized refills — so you will likely the restricted only to the Zebra EQ Surari Emulsion refills. The good news is that these are excellent, especially in the 1.0 mm size, the EQ-1.0.

This good-looking, well-made pen sells for about $5 and should be one of Zebra’s bigger hits of 2019.

So in this video, I wanted to take a quick look at the Zebra Fortia Cone. This is a new pen from Zebra, I believe is a 2019 release, probably within the last month or so. I just imported it from Japan. Cost me $8 off eBay. That ship's a very reasonable price. Zebra has a really nice line in the Fortia uses their Emulsion ink, which is a hybrid Inc nice and smooth, really good writing. And we've talked about a number of times here, like with Zebra Blend, which came out last year, And the cone again is a new pen used this, I guess it's cone shape. It's more of a spike type shape to me, but definitely somewhat conical. The body, I believe, is aluminum. It has that cold touch of metal, and when you rub your hand along, it has the feeling of aluminum, and it definitely feels sort of like it's a powder coated metal. But the PETN is very light telling about, I think, 16 and 1/2 grams somewhere around there, so I'm not completely convinced it's aluminum, but hard to tell Metal clip big plastic button. Nice button there on the label, we see price tag 500 yen. So I bought it for $8 ship. That's right in line with what you'd expect. And the refill uses the cq 0.7 and that is zebras Emulsion Inc with the that's called the E Q and 0.7 millimeter. Usually see these pens and 0.5 point 7,000,000 doesn't probably sold in 0.5 as well. I bought the pen this really cool green. I think it looks really sharp. It's a sin very similar green to this old Lami, which was quite hard to find. The pen is also sold in a gold, really nice dark blue and a few other colors. If you look on eBay, you'll find it. Oh, yeah, white, black light blue teal, a silvery and a pink rose gold typing so really nice color selection, and it's got a sort of metallic color to it. Opening the pent up we could see. Uh, this is another reason I think it's aluminum. You could see the bonding here like this looks to be aluminum, and here we could really see plastic. If this was plastic, it probably would have been one piece anyway. Nice, thick piece of plastic that gives it some weight, even though there's probably no brass or anything like that in there. Then we had the zebra EQ refill. These were good refills, but they're hard to switch out like if you want to use this pen body. But you do not want to use a zebra e que refill their very difficult to replace, but they are good. We'll talk a little bit more about what you could do about this later, and you can see that this this Apertura Otis hole is extremely small. So you're out of luck if you want to get another refill in here like a sorry like a parkour style G two or pilot G, too. Not too much else to see here. Just really nice construction quality. We see there's a second spring up here, which is very cool, and then spring down here. Not too much else to see again. You could see it looks like it's uncoated or unpainted metal. There some pressure. The body is no metal clip. Clip is fine. Nothing special. If anything was disappointing about this pen, it would be the clip the good size penance on the long side. I think it's 100 and 60 millimeters right around. There may be, uh, sorry. 140 millimeters. So good length. Not gigantic under six. To be really big 140 millimeters. And just to get an idea of that cone shape, this is really what you're buying When the pen is called the cone. Here is it next to two very famous cone shaped pens. This is the retro 51 tornado, famously cone shaped everyday carry type in that one is quite short and kind of kind of fat at the top. And then we have the Lamy Dialogue to which is very much a cone shaped pen. Much heavier, more expensive, obviously different, completely different price class, and the two are Maur, similar in size and the shorter retro 51 11. The bottoms so you'd see dialogue is the largest. The Zebra Fortia Cone in the middle in the a little retro 51. I'm not saying the they're inspired or, you know, and anyway related just that interesting design, having a largest part of the pennant top and taper to the bottom. It's not something you typically see. It was a lot of people complain about their pens being back waited and that being an uncomfortable, WeII designed pen, I particularly find it too problematic but doesn't stop me from buying buying cone shaped Pez. As far as a comfort goes, it's really not that bad, because the pen is MME. Or less, I guess, is less tapered here and a tape of pretty hard here. So you have a good grip right in this sort of shoulder area, and I find it to be fairly comfortable right there You go too far down. You could write with it, but it gets very narrow. Go too far up. You, obviously you lose control. But right here in this mid point, it's not too thin, and it kind of gives you a distinct grip area without there being a very clearly defined Griff. I find that the retro 51 the tornado, has a similar problem. We're kind of don't know where to hold it, but this pen is completely metal, and it's very heavy back here, so it really throws me off. That's actually the case of the dialogue to this. This is awaiting pen, but this one has more of a defining grip area if you hold it back a little bit, not a problem. So the cone. It's a different issue because even if it is thinner and back waited dependence so light that it's not a problem said you find to be comfortable to use nice click case didn't mention it before. Nice click. Cheap clip. It's one of those ones that is just kind of stand metal. When you reach around it, it kind of feels sharp on the underside, So disappointing. So this is the Fortia cone from Zebra, and this is the 0.7 millimeter E Q emulsion, which is a hybrid Inc Nice ink. It's a good every day. If you like the jet stream or the acro. This is a good one to try out. Don't think it's quite in the League of the Acro. I think that's really the best thing in this class, the pilot acro. But I do like the zebras a lot. What I tend to do with these pens. I move over to this refill, which is the Zebra e Q. But this is the one Dad. Oh, so it's a one dot oh millimeter resell and this one as a little bit of with Obviously, and it's quite smooth. It's 0.7. Good one. Ditto for me is one of the best refills out there, and here we have when a zebra's new Repents. The blend came out last year, and this one really top notch, probably better than the cone for me and this one. I moved from that same refill. This might be the 0.5, but yeah, the it's on here somewhere. Anyway, this has the e Q. 0.5 millimeter started is the n. C. 0.5. Whatever. They're interchangeable. But I moved it to the e q 1.0, milk. Here you see it here. This is the zebra blend with the E. Q. One die, Oh, millimeter, and you can see that it's a fatter line, definitely smoother. A lot. Maur going down on that color really pops. You really like it in the blue. The black obviously is really clean as well, so that zebra blend still one of my favorite pens of the past year. That's like calendar year, right? It did come out in 2018. As for the zebra cone. I think this is a really solid pick up. If you're cruising eBay or Amazon Japan or Record 10 or AL Express whatever use and you see one of these, I definitely say Pick it up for $8. It's a pretty good deal. Might be a little bit more, a little bit less shipped to wherever you live. But I've had been joined this, and I think Zebra is doing a really good job lately with their pens. This has a nice build quality, really nice color. I love this green and the other colors look to be Justus Nice. Looks like there's a really nice blue a couple blues, actually a solid black on. They'll use a white clip to I started all use of black clips by the white body. You get a cool stormtrooper type look with a black clip black button and then they fully white body. So, yeah, that's the zebra cone. About $8. Believe it came out this year and, uh, highly recommended when my favorites, though my blend the zebra blend is definitely the way to go. If you want to buy just one, you don't have a Fortia. Cone is quite solid. I liked the design like the cone shaped like that, but not like the ink not may be quite as comfortable and not quite as designed. You know, well, thought out as the blend. This has some really cool innovation in it. The cone is a lot simpler, but still manages to be a very effective pen, So thanks for watching.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKsrdyouUqU

Zebra Fortia Cone Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Zebra
Pen Type Hybrid
Barrel Color Black, Blue, Light Blue, Teal, Green, Red, Pink, Rose, Gold, White
Barrel Material Aluminum
Body Diameter (mm)11.8
Grip Color Black, Blue, Light Blue, Teal, Green, Red, Pink, Rose, Gold, White
Grip Material Aluminum
Grip Diameter (mm)9.9
Country of Origin Japan
Still Sold Yes
Release Year2019
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Length Capped / Retracted (cm)14.1
Weight (g)
Writing Sizes0.5 mm, 0.7 mm