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Pentel Orenz Mechanical Pencil

The Pentel Orenz is a plastic mechanical pencil with Pentel’s anti-breaking lead technology. This is the entry-level pencil in the line, with the top model being the Orenz Nero.

The Orenz is a fully plastic pencil, aside from the brass clutch and sliding pipe. It has the same anti-breaking system as the Orenz with the metal grip and Orenz Nero, but only the Orenz Nero has the automatic lead feeding system and a body made of plastic-metal composite.

The sliding pipe system is very simple: the pipe literally can slide frictionlessly back if pushed, but when the lead is present the pipe surrounds the lead and protect is from breaking. The pipe acts as a sleeve that protects the lead, but diminishes in length with it as the lead wears. When more lead is required, the user can push the top button. With the Nero you only need to push the button to extend the pipe and the lead actually advance itself as you write.

The downside of the Orenz is that the pipe is not a consistent length and can be longer or shorter depending on how much lead is advanced. This can mean an inconsistent writing experience as well as problems if you are drafting or stenciling and a longer, consistent length is required.

Pentel Orenz Mechanical Pencil Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Pentel
Pencil ModelsPlastic Grip 0.2 mm, Plastic Grip 0.3 mm, Plastic Grip 0.5 mm
Barrel ColorRed, Orange, Dark Blue, Pink, White, Green, Purple, Dark Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, Light Blue, Silver, Light Green, Gray
Barrel MaterialPlastic
Body Diameter (mm) 9.0 mm
Grip Color Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Pink, White, Green, Purple, Dark Green, Black, Yellow, Light Blue, Silver, Light Green, Gray
Grip Material Plastic
Knurled Grip? No
Grip Diameter (mm) 8.8 mm
Body ShapeRound
Lead GradesHB
Capped or Retractable No
Lead Advance StyleTop Button
Lead Color Graphite
Lead Size (Diameter) 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm
Similar To:
Eraser Refillable?Yes
Clip MaterialMetal
Length Retracted (cm)14.3 cm
Weight10 grams
Pipe ColorSilver
Tip MaterialMetal
Tip Replaceable?No
Pipe TypeSliding
Lead Pipe Length3.0 mm
Pipe Retractable?Yes
Cleaning Rod?Yes