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Tombow Mono Zero Eraser

The Tombow Mono Zero Eraser is a precision eraser that is built like a mechanical pencil. It’s a highly regarded eraser and one that we very much recommend.

The Mono Zero Eraser looked like a mechanical pencil, complete with a push-button on the top. It can advance a small eraser with each push. This eraser is tiny in size and wears out quickly, but it’s very precise. The eraser body is refillable, just like a mechanical pencil, and two spare erasers are included. Additional refill erasers are sold separately.

The Mono Zero Eraser is sold in two types — Circle and Rectangle — with the difference having to do with the shape of the Mono Zero eraser refill. The more common of the two is the 2.3 mm circular eraser. The other style uses a 2.5 mm x 5 mm rectangular eraser, which is larger and less precise but better for text than the circular model.

The pen-style body of the Tombow Mono Zero is a great selling point and makes this eraser super accurate and easy to use. Selling for about $5 it’s expensive for an eraser, but it’s not expensive in the scheme of things so it’s gained quite a following.

Tombow Mono Zero Eraser Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Tombow
Pencil Models2.5 mm x 5 mm, 2.3 mm
Barrel ColorWhite, Blue, Silver, Black
Barrel MaterialPlastic
Body Diameter (mm) 8.6
Grip Color White, Blue, Silver, Black
Grip Material Plastic
Knurled Grip? No
Grip Diameter (mm) 8.6
Body ShapeRound
Capped or Retractable Retractable - Top Button
Lead Advance StylePush Button
Lead Color White
Lead Size (Diameter) 2.3 mm
Similar To:
Eraser Refillable?Yes
Clip MaterialPlastic
Length11.9 cm
Body Length91
Pipe ColorSilver
Tip MaterialMetal
Tip Replaceable?No
Pipe TypeFixed
Lead Pipe Length8.0
Pipe Retractable?No
Cleaning Rod?Yes