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Pelikan 338 Rollerball Refill

Pelikan 338 Refill

One of the finest European rollerball refills if the Pelikan 338. This is metal-bodied refill designed for Pelikan’s rollerball pens, but it will fit many extended rollerball families, like Pentel’s LR and Pilot G2 due to it’s neutral shape and lack of any odd features.

The 338 is sold in blue and black ink colors.

The 338 is sold in the fine, medium, and broad, all of which run large. Here are the equivalent sizes in millimeters:

  • Fine = 0.8 mm
  • Medium = 1.0 mm
  • Broad = 1.2 mm

The body of the refill is metal (type is unspecified), the tip is stainless steel, and the ball is made of long-lasting tungsten carbide.

Pelikan 338 Rollerball Refill Information

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Manufacturer Pelikan
Pen Type Rollerball / Gel
Sizes Fine, Medium, Broad
Ink Colors Blue, Black
Max Body Width6.2 mm
Acid-Free? No
Erasable? No
Pressurized? No
Archival? No
Fade Resistant? No
Fraud Prevention? No
Quick Drying?No
Water-resistant? Waterproof?No
Ink BaseWater-based
Refill Length (cm)11.1 cm
Tip ShapeConical
Tip MaterialTungsten Carbine
Refill StandardD1
Quantity Sold1
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