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Schmidt DSM 2007 Mechanical Pencil Converter

Schmidt DSM 2007

The Schmidt DSM 2007 is a mechanical pencil converter For Parker-style G2 pens. It’s basically the full internals of a mechanical pencil made modular and fit into the space of a Parker-style G2 refill. This self-contained unit sells for under $5 and while it won’t fit every Parker-style pen, it will fit many of them.

The DSM 2007 is a mechanism for professional pen manufacturers, pen resellers, pen turns, and other pros, but it’s affordable enough and easy enough to find that it’s a fun pick-up for hobbyists as well.

The DSM 2007 is identical to the DSM 2006 except the 2007 has a metal body where the 2006 is entirely plastic. The 2007 is sold in 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm, and 0.9 mm lead, the last of which is a non-standard design and isn’t an easy swap in for most pen bodies the way the other two are.

This is the part used to convert the Inventery Mechanical Pen to a mechanical pencil.

Schmidt DSM 2007 Mechanical Pencil Converter Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Schmidt
Pen Type Ballpoint
Sizes 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm, 0.9 mm
Ink Colors
Acid-Free? No
Erasable? No
Pressurized? No
Archival? No
Fade Resistant? No
Fraud Prevention? No
Quick Drying?No
Water-resistant? Waterproof?No
Ink Base
Tip ShapeConical
Tip Material
Refill StandardProprietary
Quantity Sold1
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