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Best Chinese Fountain Pen of 2022

Wing Sung 3003 Fountain Pen

If you are shopping for a very affordable — as in sub-$30, sub-$20, or even sub-$5 — fountain pen and you want high-end features like screw-on cap, included converter, or piston-filling mechanism then you will almost certainly want a Chinese fountain pen.

These pens have made incredible advances in the last decade and now offer a set of features and a price range that makes them distinct and interesting type of fountain pen unto themselves.

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Penbbs 500 Fountain Pen

The Penbbs 500 fountain pen has been called the company’s take on the Twsbi Go, but it’s actually a more interesting pen. It’s a spring-loaded pump filling fountain pen, but it actually costs more than the Twsbi, as the 500 currently is selling for about $39.

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