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Penbbs 500 Fountain Pen

The Penbbs 500 fountain pen has been called the company’s take on the Twsbi Go, but it’s actually a more interesting pen. It’s a spring-loaded pump filling fountain pen, but it actually costs more than the Twsbi, as the 500 currently is selling for about $39.

The Penbbs 500 has a stainless steel nib that is sold in Fine and Medium sizes.

The Penbbs 500 has a return spring for filling the pen which is like the Tswbi Go and the Pineider Mystery Filler, but the 500 has more complex mechanism than the Go. The 500 also has a clip, making it unlike the Go. The added complexity seems to have no real advantage over the Twsbi Go.

Filling the Penbbs 500

The Penbbs 500 fills in a very peculiar way.

  • Unscrew the flat top piece, which looks like the finial, by applying pressure with your thumb
  • Pull the rod out
  • Screw the top piece clockwise to engage the plunger and spring
  • The ink inside the ink bottle and push the plunger down to expel the air inside the chamber
  • Let the spring action suck the ink into the barrel
  • Wipe off the nib and section
  • Screw the top piece counter-clockwise to disengage the plunger
  • Push the rod down and tighten down the finial piece with your thumb

Penbbs 500 Fountain Pen Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Penbbs
Pen Type Fountain Pen | Piston (built-in)
Barrel Color Clear, Mixed Acrylic Colors
Barrel Material Plastic
Body Diameter (mm)13.5
Grip Color Clear, Mixed Acrylic Colors
Grip Material Plastic
Country of Origin China
MSRP $38.00
Still Sold Yes
Release Year2019
Similar To
Capped? Retractable?Capped - Screw On
Length Capped / Retracted (cm)14.0
Weight (g)
Nib MaterialStainless Steel
Nib ColorSilver
Nib SizesMedium
Writing Sizes0.7 mm