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Uni Jetstream Prime Single (Twist)

The Uni Jetstream Prime Single (Rotating) is one of the most confusing products in the pen world. Part of this is because of the translation from Japanese to English, but it’s also do to the simple fact that this pen doesn’t seem like it needs to exist.

This pen is often translated as the Jetstream Prime Single Rotating, but is most commonly referred to as the “Jetstream Prime Twist.”

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Uni Limex Natural 70

Uni Limex

The Uni Limex is a Japanese market pen that was released on September 27, 2019. It’s basically a Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd. Boxy design that’s made out of Limex, an innovative material designed by Tokyo-based TBM Co., Ltd. The material is a plastic alternative that is made out of 80% limestone.

This pen is said to be the first practical application of Limex, which is designed limit the use of not only plastic but paper in the future.

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Ink Types Guide

Pelikan 4001 Ink

When you start to dig into pens just a little bit you’ll see that they are separated ink a few major varieties based on the type of ink they use. These categories are blurry and ultimately not very well defined, but it’s helpful to know the basics about them so you have some idea of what you are buying. This guide will run through the major types of inks in order to help you get a better understanding of the major types of pens, how they write, why you might prefer one over the others, and the best uses for each.

Don’t miss our Pen Refills Guide so you can learn about the types of refills these inks go into.

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Uni-ball R:E Erasable Gel Pen

The Uni-ball R:E (pronouced “are ee”) is an erasable gel pen sold by Uni in North America.  It’s the standard pen in the R:E series of erasable pens, which also includes multi-pens and pen sets. The R:E’s erasable ink is thermo-sensitive, which means you don’t actually need an eraser to erase it, you just need to rub something against the paper until it gets hot enough to make the ink disappear!

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Uni R:E+ 3-in-1 Pen Set

The Uni R:E+ (known as the “R E Plus”) isn’t one pen, it’s actually three pens and a holder. It’s a cool concept that is fitting for Uniball’s highly designed RE family of erasable pens. The set of pens was first released in June 2019.

The pen set comes with a plastic case and has one black erasable pen (the color is closer to grey), one red erasable pen (closer to light red), and one black Jetstream pen that is not erasable. The R:E+ case includes a metal click with an adhesive backing.

Note: This pen is only currently available outside of Japan by buying through Amazon Japan.

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Uni SXR-600 Jetstream Ballpoint Pen Refill

The SXR-600 is a very special refill: it was the first Jetstream refill in a Parker-style G2 refill body. The refill is sold in two forms: the SXR-600-05 and the SXR-600-07, the 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm sizes.

Prior to this refill being available the SXR refills were rollerball-style refills with a proprietary shape. The SXR-600 not only adheres to the G2 standard but it moved the Jetstream refills to a shorter, twist-compatible version with a metal body.

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