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Platinum Fountain Pen Cleaner

The Platinum fountain pen cleaning kit is a pack of five packets of cleaning solution alongside a plastic syringe for flushing out pens.

Platinum’s Fountain Pen Cleaner is a kit for refreshing hard-to-clean pens. It includes five packets of a liquid cleaner, instructions, and a flushing syringe (Platinum calls it a “dropper”).

Each cleaning packet is 10 ml and is designed to be added to 100 ml of water which the pen components are kept in overnight. The solution has no smell and, based on our testing, seems to be gentle enough for most pens.

We’ve tested with cellulose, enamel, and plastic pens and seen no damage. The pens are kept in the liquid for 24 hours and emerged in a pristine state, with almost all the ink traces removed and the interior of the feeds surprisingly clean (practically running clear when water was run through them).

The Platinum cleaner seems to be a good alternative to the most popular, more affordable Monteverde pen flush.

Platinum Fountain Pen Cleaner Information

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